Who's in the Cockpit?

Welcome to Zulu Time Art.  My name is Holly (also known as Mrs. C.)  I created Zulu Time Art after I  was unable to find aviation-themed decor that I liked for our home.  There's plenty of amazing aviation art out there, but nothing seemed to fit the style of our home. I wanted to be able to add splashes of art that speak of our family's lifestyle in our main living areas, not just the den.  So I decided to make it myself.

Mr. C is the pilot.   I don't fly . . . yet.  But I love to fly as a passenger and travel, and little did I know that I would equally love creating aviation and travel art.   It turned out that I loved painting airplanes and classic cars so much that I switched to transportation art as my specialty in 2018. (Note: I also paint dogs.  Lots of dogs.  So you'll see them appear here too.)

I've been painting and creating art since 1990, but also in 2018 I began experimenting with mixed media.  That means I started to work a few types of art together to create one artwork.   This has quickly become my signature style, and the type of art my clients ask for.   I now create paintings that include bits of collage, ink, and other items worked into them, all strategically chosen to tell the story that the painting is depicting.   For example, in this painting, 1918 Air Mail, the image is painted on what looks like a post card from the first air mail flight of 1918.  There's even postage stamps worked into the landscape.  It turned out beautiful, and makes a great throw pillow, shower curtain, or print for any room -- exactly what I was shooting for!

We hope you like what you find on these pages.  Please feel free to drop us a line to let us know what you'd love to see created next.  I'm always open to new ideas.  And don't forget to come chat with us on social media!